The Abandoned Consignment

Good day.

I am the new EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR and Head of Operations of Overseas

Credit Commission London, UK. Sometime ago, in

our organization your overdue consignment fund was brought to our

office for final delivery clearance.

However, upon my arrival to this office, I found your consignment

clearance file lying fallow on my desk without any attention. On a

thorough scrutiny I discovered that your consignment have been

abandoned by your delivery agent. Meanwhile, I have made several

attempts to contact your delivery agent but to no avail. To my

greatest surprise, during my recent routine checking, I personally

discovered that your consignment content declaration documents stated

that your consignment contains personal effects meanwhile, it contains

United States dollar bills worth over US$ 10.5 Million dollars, which

made it impossible for the consignment to be delivered to you earlier

before now.

Based on this personal discovery, I am contacting you now to let you

know that with my position and power in this office, I can assist you

to legally clear your consignment fund, but you must agree with the

following conditions:

You must not disclose to any member of my organization whatever

assistance that I am going to render to you in respect of clearing

this consignment fund into your custody.

You will provide me with an authenticated promissory note, other wise

known as partnership agreement, that upon the safe arrival of the

consignment fund to your custody, that you give me 40% of the total

fund contained in the consignment.

You must give adequate attention to this matter until we successfully

and legally clear the consignment fund into your custody.

Upon your acceptance with my above conditions, I will furnish you with

further details of what should be done to legally get the consignment

fund cleared and delivered to you as the rightful owner of the


Meanwhile, if you know that you would be unable to keep the secret of

my assistance to you in this regards, please do not border to reply.

Hence the consignment fund would be recovered into our organization

treasury account as unclaimed consignment fund. Be informed that the

consignment contain the sum of $10.5 million dollars in the luggage.

But if you can assure me of your competency to keep this secret, I

would like to hear from you soon as possible so that I can email you

further details and guidelines.

I am looking forward to your earliest response.

Have a Great Day

Mr. Peter Brook

Head of Operations