Contextualizing the Role of Operation Manager

Operations Management plays a crucial role in healthcare for controlling the costs, improving the quality of care services rendered and enhancing patient satisfaction. In particular, Hospital Operations Management is essential to ensure that the right processes and practices are implemented in the hospital. 

There are many related tasks with an overall objective of increasing the standards and building best practices of Hospital Quality Management. That includes:
  • Formulating the correct healthcare strategies.
  • Developing the required skills of the hospital staff to improve their performance levels.
  • Maintaining healthcare regulatory compliance.
  • Procuring the medical equipment and other resources for building the hospital infrastructure adequately.
  • Streamlining the hospital expenses and workflow.
  • Creating  a sufficient source of fund for maintaining adequate service levels to meet patient demands and sustain the hospital business in the competitive market.

To achieve this, every hospital needs an efficient operations manager who acts as a liaison between the hospital employees, patients and their caretakers. Certain operation manager skills are essential for effectively overseeing the overall functioning of the hospital.  The managers must possess the ability to manage the financial well-being of the hospital facility, implement the right policies and handle both the clinical and non-clinical staff.
Role of the Operations Manager
  • Managing the healthcare services by carefully handling all the functional and operational aspects of the hospital.
  • Doing adequate strategic planning to ensure that the hospital business is stable and forecasting  futuristic demands of the related healthcare logistics.
  • Gaining sound knowledge of the healthcare domain, information technology, best practices of the industry and the latest innovations to maintain technological proficiency.
  • Developing and implementing operational policies and procedures and enforcing rules to ensure that patient safety and care ethics are not compromised.
  • Recognizing the latest trends in data and doing accurate forecasting for planning future projects and monitoring the day-to-day functioning of the hospital.
  • Assisting the Human Resource(HR) department of the hospital in recruiting candidates for various hospital staff vacancies.
  • Building an ethical and  patient-centric culture in the hospital that encourages all employees to be top performers and execute their duties seamlessly with high morale.
  • Overseeing the various financial aspects of the hospital including budgeting, auditing, planning and reporting.
  • Being a good role model and mentor to the hospital staff by displaying strong leadership skills.
  • Ensuring that the hospital abides by all the pertinent healthcare rules and regulations by scrupulously fulfilling the legal formalities.
  • Fostering and maintaining a close relationship with the senior stakeholders of the hospital.
  • Working closely with the hospital senior management to formulate both short-term and long-term goals and determining the values, vision and mission in line with it.
  • Building lasting external alliances and partnerships with other healthcare organizations including hospitals, diagnostic clinics, therapy centres, pharmacies, medical and nursing colleges and research institutes.
  • Enriching communication and trustful relationships between hospital employees and the senior management.
  • Solving existing operational issues, gauging potential threats and opportunities for the hospital business.

Operational Manager - Required Skill Set
  • Educational background in Operations Management or related areas.
  • Good experience and interest in the field of management and operations.
  • Strong leadership qualities.
  • Thorough understanding of financial management and budgeting concepts like profit and loss, cash flows and balance sheet.
  • Excellent team-building and communication skills.
  • Robust strategic planning, analytical and logical thinking capabilities.
  • Ability for doing negotiation and building consensus and relationships amongst various stakeholders including hospital employees, managers and outside partners.

In short, the Hospital Operations Manager oversees the high-level HR duties like attracting and retaining the best talent, enhancing the workflow and internal processes and improving healthcare quality, staff efficiency and productivity. Healthcare Consulting Firms with their expertise and experience can help hospitals in recruiting the right candidates for this post.