The Inspiring Story of Ratan Tata

Days dawn and nights end but the sun will never set on the empire of Tata Group. There could be only one reason behind it - Ratan Tata. The ‘x-factor’ in carrying the success and legacy that the Tatas left behind before him. The business world of every country is almost the same.

There will be people who founded the business and there will be people who carried it forward. At the end, all of them will have a page in the history of business.

Ratan Tata, the epitome of humility and wit, is different in every possible way. He has ensured that there is a whole chapter left for him in the business world in India.

He did not found the Tata’s business empire but he is the one who has nurtured and spread its roots across almost all industry streams in the most transformative days, like they call in the business world.

This is what made him that role model figure every entrepreneur in India look upto. But what made him so special and the most successful successor of our time? Let’s find out!

Turbulent Childhood -

Ratan Naval Tata, popularly known as Ratan Tata, has lived a childhood that reminds us at every stage that money is not everything in life.

Born on 28 December 1937, Ratan Tata had to brought up by his grandparents as his parents got separated when he was just 10 years old. He was brought to Mumbai and raised under the upbringing of Lady Navajbai Tata and J.R.D Tata.

The Unique Life-Lessons -

The lessons of life are not those we learn in the square classrooms but out there beyond them. Due to his close acquaintance with his grandparents, Tata was able to observe, understand and learn many skills from his grandparents.

If Ratan Tata was able to run the Tata business world so efficiently, it was because of the leadership and managerial skills that he learnt from his grandparents. He has revealed the same in many interviews saying that he was influenced by his grandmother.

Schooling and College -

His schooling began in Campion School and he was in Cathedral and John Cannon School when the schooling was over. Then he went ahead  to join in the renowned Cornell University in New York and received his B.S in Architecture degree in Structural Engineering in 1962.  Later in 1975, he was enrolled in an advanced management course from the Harvard University.

The Rollercoaster Ride Called His Career -

Contrary to everyone’s imagination, Ratan Tata did not rise on the ranks overnight. Even though he was the owner of the business empire, his rise in his career was built by him brick by brick. When he joined in Tata Group of Companies, there were challenged from both internal and external factors we waiting for him. He was one among the staff who dealt with furnaces.

In simple words, the business waters tested him in every aspect. Be it the differences with Empress Mills (a subsidiary of Tata Group) employees, handling the turbulence caused in Indian Economy in early 80s and different issues in trades, Mr. Tata had handled all the obstacles with ease and expertise.

All these events made his grandfather’s decision to make Ratan Tata as the Chairman of the Group, easy. He became the Chairman in the year of 1991. And, he flourished experience and leadership skills not only helped Tata Group to become one of the biggest business conglomerates not only in India but also in the whole world.

Even today, Mr. Tata is the got-to person if there are any key decisions to make in Tata Group. Even at 81 years, Ratan Tata is as disciplined as he was his entire life and he continues to inspire people of all age groups.

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