The Best HRM Practices – The Challenges and the Solutions

Healthcare, from a human standpoint of view, is not an ‘industry’. It is a place where the professional excellence of a person is meant for nothing if the service is not embedded with the ‘human-touch’. More than the skills of the person, it is their values such as empathy, compassion and care that bring success in healthcare.

In need of human resources with true human values make it a difficult task for the human resource management (HRM) teams in healthcare industry. And, the most challenging part in this whole process, the human resources in the healthcare industry has to, always, operate under tremendous pressure. This trend in healthcare industry is expected to increase in the future, just to make the lives of HRM in healthcare industry more difficult.

Continue reading the best ways to ease out the challenges of both human resources and the HRM staff for a better working healthcare environment.

Wellness depends on time and the most precious factor in saving a life is also time. This makes the lives of healthcare management professionals to work under a time-sensitive and pressurized environment.

Understanding the healthcare HR management challenges helps you in finding the right solution within a short time span. Read on to know the typical challenges faced by healthcare HR professionals on a daily basis.

Healthcare HR Management – Major Challenges and Their Solutions

  •  Staff Shortage

Challenge - Shortage of staff can be a worrisome challenge in any industry but it is a critical situation in healthcare sector. Alarmingly, the number of healthcare and its allied professionals is on a decline over the past few years and the patient rate is skyrocketing.

Solution - HRM staff needs to focus on attracting the new faces in the industry with the help of competitive compensation, focusing more on work satisfaction measures, improved learning and development facilities and by creating a feel of doing something meaningful among the employees.

  • Employee Burnout
Challenge - It’s a competitive world and stress is an inevitable factor that every employee, irrespective of their field or sector, faces in a working environment. However, healthcare is an industry that causes extreme chronic emotional stressors and the resort will be burnout.

Solution - Focus on the factors that ease stress in the employees. Allow the staff to work in a streamlined and professional working culture where each individual is well-respected and recognized for the value of their work. Operational success, recognizing the grey areas that cause dissatisfaction and personalized appreciation help the HR professionals to tackle the situation.

  • Training and Development
Challenge - No healthcare professional is a skilled employee as healthcare is an industry where learning happens every working day. Especially, with emergence of cutting edge technology and AI enabled medical equipment; the employees are expected to learn on a regular basis.

Solution - Establish the sophisticated learning and development facility for all the employees and ensure each healthcare professional is meeting the quality parameters as per the industry guidelines on ideal healthcare.

  • Compensation and Recognition
Challenge - It is pivotal to retain the efficient staff in order to achieve healthcare success. Most HRM professionals in healthcare do not consider establishing an effective compensation mechanism that provides equal opportunities to all employees and also fail to recognize the people who exert hard.

Solution - Take efforts to recognize the efforts of each employee based on their performance against the quality parameters. Do not give any room for speculations and bring transparency and integrity at all levels.

Healthcare, in its very nature, is a challenging industry. The human resources are expected to pull off miracles on a daily basis. This is the same situation from a small clinic in a rural area to a multi-specialty hospital in a big city.

Issues such as shortage of healthcare staff per patient, employee burnout, learning and development, healthcare values and employee attrition are typical in a hospital human resource environment.

Leverage the professional expertise of best healthcare consultants and HRM experts for better human resource performance in your healthcare institute.